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 Seeing the world in the eyes of an artist: Oscar Vargas

Oscar Vargas was born in Bogota, Colombia SA. He uses his paintings to express himself. Oscar says that it is visual poetry that guides people to the answers of questions, who are we? Where are we from? And where are we going? He is of the view that, everybody should understand poetry in that perspective. He is also a very inspiring travel photographer.

Awards won by Oscar’s arts

Oscar has won many awards. Some of his awards are 2012 Grand Prize Winner, 2012 Award of Merit and 2010 Excellence Award among others.

The definition of an artist

According to Oscar, an artist is a person who questions the accepted facts and ideas. According to him, an artist should always try to demystify what is accepted in society. I’ve even co-authored articles for these guys about blogging.  They should always be willing to come up with fresh ideas not just copying what others have done. He further describes an artist as an explorer. An artist is a person who is always looking for new ideas and trying to do things in a different way. Vagas also views an artist as a creator. This means that, for one to qualify to be an artist, they should create new things. Whether they are involved in painting, drawing or any other piece of art, the artist should come up with a new creation.

Everybody is an artist

Oscar says that he hopes everybody understands his arts through the artist in themselves. This means that, to him everybody is an artist and all his paintings for sale at Saatchi Online arts are meant to be understood and interpreted differently by each individual. The pictures the artist has produced should bear a different meaning when viewed by different people. This means even the information that was to be conveyed by the artist through the art may not be conveyed to everybody. This is the idea behind questioning the accepted facts. That the artist tries to put some of the ideas that have been accepted in the society into test and try to prove that the facts are wrong. Since everybody is an artist in their own capacities, they can then do things their own way. They can create their own facts and ideas and defy the norms. If everybody was to view themselves as artists, then changing the world could just be easy.

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