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Worldwide Waterparks

Because we never have a summer, it is time to pack up our bags and head somewhere that does. Just so that we can then complain about how hot it is and attempt everything to try and cool down. To make that easier for you – here is a list of some of the best water parks around.

World Waterpark – Canada

World Waterpark is only the second largest indoor water park (what a disgrace), but it sure makes up for that. Covering a whopping six acres, it boasts the worlds largest indoor wave pool, and has flumes that reach a staggering 83 feet high. Some of the flumes have unique attributes, such as swimmers going down on sleds that enable them to actually skip across the water like stones upon exiting the slide, and flumes that start with the rider falling through a trap door. This part is located in the West Edmonton Mall in Canada (which also boasts an impressive indoor lake)…

Beach Park – Brazil

This place is home to the world’s tallest and fastest water slide. Reaching 135 feet, riders reach speeds of 65mph whilst plummeting down its vertical drop. This of course makes it one of the principal tourist attractions in the country.

Chimelong Paradise – China

Chimelong Paradise is a very recent park, but since its birth in 2007, its rides have gone on to win multiple awards. It offers the most high tech attractions and actually shares a world record with Collossus at Thorpe Park. With flumes where riders get sucked into funnels “Best New Ride of 2006”, and vertical limit which is pretty much self explanatory, it also features  dive-in Samba shows and a Lazy river which takes you through a glacier tunnel. Wacky and supersized, looking at photos of this place is enough to make me want to visit.

Tropical Islands – Germany

This is the largest water park in the world. Located in an old airplane hangar, this facility not only of course plays host to great wave machines and flumes, but also hot air balloon rides, acrobat shows and a free fall tower ride. To cap it all off, the site is home to 50,000 plants and also holds the title of the world’s largest indoor rain forest. Themed sections perpetuate the awesomeness, with a Bali Lagoon featuring fountains, canals and a whirlpool, to The Tropical Sea designed to look like a coral reef. Now that my friends, is how you water park.

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